Doyel Shamley on Bill Cooper 7/25/09 part 1/5 History & Death of William Cooper

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Doyel talks about and Bill Coopers book, "Behold A Pale Horse". He shares the history of Bill and Doyel working together.
Doyel also shares about his last days in the military and why he had to leave.
He talks about federal agents that tried to serve Bill but they couldn't because they wouldn't allow them on the property for lack of jurisdiction.
He leads up to talking about November 6, 2001 when Bill Cooper was assassinated.
They planned it out that Bill will not be allowed into his house.
He says there are people who said they got reports on what happened that day but it is a complete lie. Doyel got list of names who requested the reports and not one of these people were listed.
He reveals that the original plan to take out Bill was on 9/11/01. They wanted to shut him up on the day the attacks were going to happen because he exposed it back in June of that year.

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Comments for this video
Very important ... ( 5 years ago by EricIndiana)
Very important interview. RIP Bill
awsome glad 2 see ... ( 5 years ago by fuckdlama)
awsome glad 2 see the men and women working with Bill still going strong.
he is a proud man. rip mr. cooper, true heroes never waver or surrender.
god bless all
Does anyone else ... ( 4 years ago by jason34207)
Does anyone else see a pattern? Bill Cooper, Randy Weaver, David Koresh, Ed
Brown.... How many more sieges have to go down before we hold the bastards
in federal positions acountable for these murders. And they are all murders.
Wow. The interview ... ( 3 years ago by Andres Fontanez)
Wow. The interview was good all the way through but the end was excellent.
I feel so close to William Cooper after listening to him & I definitely
have to say he is an inspiration & influence in my life. I'm lucky enough
to have downloaded most of his material on the internet, and I recommend
you do the same if you find his stuff even remotely interesting. Check out
a site called "concen".org & learn how to use torrents. There is a William
Cooper Archive on there that's about 17.3 gigs.
a great insight. ... ( 5 years ago by Leon H)
a great insight. brilliant stuff!
Bill Cooper is one ... ( 5 years ago by Shaun L)
Bill Cooper is one of the true heroes. Rest in peace Bill.
@WilliamCooperHere ... ( 3 years ago by Andres Fontanez)
@WilliamCooperHere Torrenting is safe, and hardly questionable. When
anything is infected it is rejected by the server & taken down. People also
comment on the torrents so the feedback there is great, and you know what
you're getting into. I would totally help doyel & other Caji members if I
had the money, but I literally only have like 10 dollars to my name & have
never held a job. I'm only 20, but time flies. I remember hearing about him
when I was still 17 :)

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